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Wine Labels

Bibendum Wine

Bibendum is the UK’s leading independent wine merchant selling to all sectors of the UK trade. I was commissioned to design a range of various wine labels, all of which were produced. Some for retail and others for restaurants only. I also came up with some of the names - these are a few of my favourites designs.

Design, branding & illustration, some clever printing and some strict budgets led to some very interesting labels.

El Cobrero

The label is a play on the name 'copper', the shapes representing flowing copper wires. The label is still in production, the producer now being owned by Argento.

Metallic finish paper label was then overprinted with a copper wash. A layer of white for the text was applied, and finally the black with a matt varnish, leaving a varnished effect on the exposed copper.
Spy Mountain

Sold exclusively through Sainsbury's in the UK.

The name Spy Mountain is derived from the presence of a satellite communications monitoring station (spy base) nearby to the vinyard. Being a wine from New Zealand, I designed the logo based on the iconic and historical use in New zealand of the fern (which is now being used by the brand 'Satellite'), this was then applied as an embossed background pattern on the label. This label had high production values as it was being taken on by Sainsbury's in the UK so had to compete and stand out with other leading brands. 4 colour label including a metallic ink, embossing, die cutting and spot UV varnish

Die cut label, spot varnished fern pattern & embossed detail label, 2 spot coloured greys, spot yellow & spot metallic silver.
il Banchetto

'The Banquet', a small family owned vinyard produced this table wine, I drew this graphic pencil illustration to reflect on the idea of leisurely alfresco family dining. Simple bold use of the italian font Bodoni (designed in 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni), grey and red label with spot coloured grey detail.

Simple coloured grey for the image background, with red and green alternatives for red & white wines, plus colour detail in the 'il' of the title, matt uncoated paper stock.
el Muro

'The Wall', this again family run business in Spain, the label illsutrates the idea of a wall, and suggests sun drenched afternoons of rural Spain, with a rough natural decayed feel to add a sense of history.

4 colour label on matt uncoated stock.
The Paddock

A striking graphic label, proved very successful in sales, and helped gain a key contract for Bibendum, resulting in sale at all main sporting/racing events throughout the UK. The earthy colours suggest it's Australian heritage.

Embossed fence design, 2 colour label. A matt varnish was used on a glossy label to achieve the look of a spot UV varnish but within budget
Branch Creek

A graphic pun on the name, simple striking label. Where no budget allows for a back label, the alcohol percentage and volume must legally appear at a set size on the label.

Black and green label, with spot varnish 'branch'
Design proposals for wine brand.
Illustrations by Nicole Z