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The images are created from my collection of printed ephemera and general junk sourced from all around.

Having made collage scrapbooks for many years I always have some kind of collection amassing. This started after discovering the work of Kurt Schwitters, Bauhaus and Cubism in general. From there a direct link to british Pop Art of the 50’s & 60’s.

Initially the collages begin as physical hand cut collages made inside box frames as artworks. Obsessively hand cutting out each element, a mixed media approach of old print promotional items, screenprint off cuts, found packaging and objects (Such as feathers and old rusty keys etc). The digital collages are then based on these, but as in any working process, take on characteristics of their own.

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"Moonbirds" Archival Pigment Print *Buy here*
"Beautiful Creatures" Archival Pigment Print *Buy here*
"Musical Bird Box" Mixed Media Collage
"By the light of the Silvery Moon" Hand cut mixed media collage. Donated to the Rainforest Foundation Charity Auction
Moonbirds - collage
Box art collages: Birdbox